After being forced out of his job, London executive Paul Kerr (Alex Humes) is left doubting his future until he runs into John (Mark Arnold), a friendly American who seems to have all the answers. They both agree that life isn't fair and John comes up with a radical plan to turn Paul's life around. But when a young banker (Valmike Rampersad) is found murdered, Paul begins to question what John really wants.




What the audience say about MILE END 


  • ​“Full of charm & darkness” – Lee Lytle
  • “Intriguing, creepy, funny” – Clare
  • “I was gripped to the end.” – Caroline


What the critics say about MILE END 


  • “a compelling psychological thriller” – Quadrapheme
  • “brilliant UK filmmaking” – Crispy Sharp Film 
  • “twisted and tense London-set thriller” – Raindance Film Festival
  •  “reveals and nuances that even David Fincher would be proud of” – UK Film Review
  •  “A different take on the East End” – Film Debate
  • “Beautiful and unsettling” – Quadrapheme 
  • “striking…unpredictable and surprising throughout” – Letterboxd 
  • “keeps you absorbed” – Film Debate 
  • “MILE END is the debut from writer/director Graham Higgins …[a] psychosexual Fight Club set in East London. John (Mark Arnold) is Paul’s Tyler Durden, inspiring minor flashes of civil and social disobedience against a greedy corporate enemy.” – Crispy Sharp Film 
  •  “…what John really wants is a brother. He goes Full Farley, which for fans of Strangers On A Train means he’ll take out anyone who has disrespected Paul (Alex Humes), Farley Granger-style.” – Film Debate


MILE END Alex Humes as Paul and Mark Arnold as John


  •  “A disturbing insight into what happens if our darker dreams come true.” – Quadrapheme 
  • “Arnold is a captivating antagonist, with features that remind you of Patton Oswalt, William H. Macy or Charles Napier.” – Film Debate
  • “reflect[s] a growing discomfort between Londoners and their financial emperors.” – Crispy Sharp Film
  • “…ambiguities make the rising tension even more uncomfortable. We are left wondering exactly who is in danger and who is responsible as sinister events take place. At first it seems that Paul and those close to him are at risk from John, whose obsessiveness and lack of control are brought to light; but as the story gradually unfolds a more complex picture emerges.” – Quadrapheme


Z140604b_Mark Arnold and Valmike Rampersad 


      • “Canary Wharf looms over the characters, and the city, like a dystopian panopticon, forcing people to adjust their behaviour and appearance in line with the needs of financial London.” – Crispy Sharp Film
      • “Cinematographer Anna Valdez Hanks gives the film…a slick look.” – Film Debate
      •  “stylish and thought-provoking” – Quadrapheme 
      •  “makes a good fist at gentrifying what we think of as the East End London thriller” – Film Debate  


Alex Humes as Paul Kerr3_MEM


  • “John (Mark Arnold) brings a highly effective growing unease to this intriguing character-based drama, and the cast do a fantastic job of dissipating this throughout the film. His seeming kindness is never far from also seeming creepy and unhinged. The actors’ performance is matched by the score, which deftly conveys all that remains unspoken and sets the perfect mood for this twisted tale.” – Raindance Film Festival


Mark Arnold as John_MEM